The Story


Once upon a time, there was a guy from Seattle named Josh. Josh walked through SeaTac Airport while flying to New York City, and had this genius thought at 30,000 feet: “Why do they sell snow globes in Seattle when it rains more than it snows?”

He put this concept to his buddy Fred, who thought Josh asked an excellent question. Josh continued: “Imagine creating a RainGlobe instead of a snow globe… wouldn’t everyone we know want one of those?”

Thus began Fred’s multi-year process to invent rain in a globe. Toothpicks were involved. So was Tupperware. So was duct tape, because duct tape is involved in all inventions. Finally, Fred figured out a way to make it rain, and prototype number one was born. Problem was: it was ugly.

Fortunately, Fred was high school friends with Scott, and Scott knew people who knew people. A talented and creative investor and start-up business guru, Scott was able to do things Fred and Josh couldn’t. Namely find people. People he had on speed dial. Scott was the first investor in RainGlobes.

The pieces all came together when Fred sat next to a charming guy named Jeremy on an airplane. Jeremy and Fred struck up a conversation, and Jeremy said, “I design fancy plastic components for medical purposes.” When Fred heard this, his heart raced. His eyes lit up. And he said, “Then let me tell you about a little project I’ve got going on that needs a designer…” Jeremy took Fred’s duct taped protoype and made it pretty. Now, RainGlobes are officially Patent Number 8,056,274 and the boys are officially inventors, which their Moms think is pretty fancy.

There you have it. The birth of RainGlobes. A story to be told from generation to generation. Did it touch your heart? Did you shed a tear? Drop us a line and let us know.

Josh, Fred & Scott
The RainGlobes Team